Parent's Guide to Student Success
Schools adopt new national standards
Delaware is one of more than 40 states adopting Common Core State Standards in K-12 math and English language arts. These shared expectations are the result of a state-led effort to bring greater rigor in all the adopting states and to provide families with a clear picture about what young people must know and be able to do in order to compete successfully in college, the workplace and our global economy.

Early Adoption
Although schools and districts have pledged to adopt the new standards in 2014, we think it's critical to get a head start. So, when Appoquinimink teachers returned to school this year, they took part in professional development devoted to early adoption of the Common Core standards.

A talented group of teachers and specialists have already completed several introductory units for each grade. They're working hard to create additional units of study in what we envision will be a multi-year process. Rollout will include a continuing focus on training and review of units that have already been completed.

Parent involvement
The National PTA has created a series of handouts (K-8 and High School) to help parents understand what the standards look like in each grade. They include suggestions about what to ask your child's teacher when discussing his or her academic progress, and activities you can do at home to reinforce learning.

We think they're so valuable that we sent copies home with your student in the fall. If they get lost of misplaced, you can click on the link below for another copy.

For more information about the Common Core State Standards, go to

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