School Supplies
Supply LIsts for Fall 2019

To help you prepare, we identify the supplies students will need to start the school year off right. Because no two programs are exactly the same, the list of supplies may vary slightly by building. Be sure to print only those pages that pertain to your student’s school.

Schools send home the lists before the end of school because we get requests from families who want to take advantage of the July sales. Please do not feel pressured!

You can always wait until school begins (or a Meet the Teacher event) to determine what you will need - and there's no reason to buy new every year if you already have items like colored pencils, markers, crayons, rulers... from prior years. We're trying to support parents, not make your job harder.

As one of our teachers noted, "Remember, teachers at each grade level at each school have to come to a compromise on these lists. As a parent and teacher, I always wait until I see exactly what my kids teachers want before going crazy on buying stuff."

Note: As young people enter high school, the number and variety of courses available expands greatly, making it impossible to provide a generalized list of supplies. Students in Grades 9-12 can expect to receive a supply a list from each of their teachers during the first few days of school.