Please view our NEW School Wide Discipline Plan in the documents below.  Here is a breakdown of the color coding system.
Classrooms will use a color-coded PBS system to help students track their own behavior.  Please note that everything listed below relates to students’ behavior, not academic achievements, with the very occasional exception of sustained outstanding academic effort. 
PINK – Role Model: student went above and beyond all day; a Role Model WISE Owl
PURPLE – Super Student: student has had a great day/exceeded expectations
BLUE – Excellent Effort: student has had a very good day/exceeded expectations
GREEN – Ready to Learn: starting point; student has had a good day/met all expectations
YELLOW – Make Better Choices: warning; student had to be spoken to or made poor choices
ORANGE – Teacher’s Choice: serious problem; student making poor choices, spoken to frequently
RED – Parent Contact: very serious problem; student was referred to the office
***Students are able to earn their way up the chart (even if they have slipped to yellow or orange).
Students are able to clip-up or clip-down at any point during the school day, including lunch, recess, and Related Arts class times.