Wee Deliver

Mail call!

Wee Deliver, our school-wide, postal delivery system, is up and running. The purpose of this program is to create a learning community in which all members of the Olive B. Loss family are encouraged to correspond with each other through the writing and sending of actual school mail.

Students, staff, and parents will be encouraged to regularly write to friends, family, and members of the Olive B. Loss community. The Wee Deliver system can be used to send items such as birthday cards, thank you notes, and personal correspondences. For families and friends who would like to send mail, feel free to drop the addressed envelope in the wooden mailbox located in the main lobby.

Though most of the mail sent through the Wee Deliver program will be generated by students, there are going to be many instances when the topics of letters will be teacher directed through classroom activities. In some cases the topic, audience, and style of writing will be predetermined by the teacher. Though the Wee Deliver system is designed to be fun, the goal of the program is to make our students better writers. With the Wee Deliver system, teachers will have an authentic opportunity to teach and reinforce letter writing skills throughout the year. Students will also be taught life skills such as addressing envelopes, the use of zip codes, and writing letters with a purpose.

We are now open for business for the remainder of the school year! Every classroom has received a personal address book. An electronic copy is also available below. Please encourage your children to correspond with other members of the OBL Community so they can spread the kindness to everyone!